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Votec GmbH specialises in technical consulting and project management in the field of mechatronics. The company has specific expertise in underwater technology and medical fields related to divingThe customers of Votec are mainly small to medium businesses (SMEs). The principal consultant and owner of Votec is Ernst Völlm, MSc ETH. He consults either alone or with a team of partners who are carefully selected according to the customer needs.

Technical Consulting


The basic requirements for a successful consultancy project are an in-depth know-how of the development process as well as access to a network of specialist contacts. This way one source guarantees the efficiency of the process and the interdisciplinary know-how. Votec delivers successful technical solutions.

Project Management


Many years of experience in different areas and on projects of various kinds and sizes greatly increase the probability of successful project completion. Votec has access to inter-disciplinary resources in order to carry out large projects on schedule.

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