Gas Analyser

oxyspyThe oxygen analyzer OxySpy® has been specially developed to measure the oxygen content in gas tanks. OxySpy® has unique features like a one button automatic calibration with a recognition of the calibration gas (air or 100% oxygen) and offers the opportunity to "freeze" the measured oxygen value. For divers, OxySpy® can display the MOD (Maximum Operating Depth) at an adjustable oxygen partial pressure (in meters or feet). The unique, ergonomic design, the easy operation and the high reliability make OxySpy® the ideal analyzer for anyone.

Staff members and partners of Votec developed this analyzer. The necessary sensor know-how is available since 1995 and has also been used in the field of divecomputers. In this field, the analyzer Oxy2 has been built. Oxy2 can measure the oxygen content in the breathing loop of rebreathers wirelessly transmit it to the divecomputer.

used specific know-how:

  • gas sensorics: electrochemical sensor (fuel cell)
  • display: customized LCD
  • wireless data transmission: by means of long waves (works in water)
  • operation: operation concept with one single button
  • processor/controller: Texas Instrument MSP430
  • in-depth knowledge in diving
  • specific knowledge in diving medicine